The Certificate option allows the user to update or to add a new certificate scheme for API server and portal server(UI). The user is required to provide the FQDN, Server Certificate, Server Key, and CA Certificate information as mentioned in steps below.

To update the Certificate use below steps 

1) Login to the operator console using URL http://<Harmony ip>:9080 

2) Navigate to the configuration menu on the left had side panel and select certificate tab.

3) There are 3 tabs  on the top Portal server, API server , Thunder Device Manager update the certificates in respective text boxes.

i) FQDN - The fully qualified domain name as per your business requirement.

ii) Server certificate - Paste the server certificate in the text box.

iii) CA certificate Chain - Paste the authorised CA certificate chain.

iv)Private key - Make sure that when you are entering the private key it should END with -END PRIVATE KEY- (there is no RSA word in the end).