A10 Harmony Controller 4.0.1


A10 Thunder 4.1.1 P8

A10 Thunder 4.1.1. P7

A10 Thunder 4.1.4 P1

A10 Lightning ADC 4.0.1

New Features

  1. New user interface for analytics of Lightning ADC applications.

  2. SupportforLightningADConSelf-managedHarmonyController.

  3. Simplifiedwizard-basedinstallationprocessforself-managedController.

  4. Supportforauto-launchofLightningADCclusterfromcontrollerinAzure


  5. AlertsforLightningADCcluster.

  6. AbilitytouseDNSnameinsteadofIPaddressforbackendservers.

  7. ImprovementsandbugfixesinThunderDeviceManagerandThunderADC

    analytics – especially for VCS clusters

9177  - For vThunder, partition CPU usage are approximate. If only one partition is there in Thunder device, it may not show the same value asDevice CPU usage
9683  -  If metrics-export-interval is altered from default value, time-based information on dashboard may show up incorrectly.
9508  -  In case of HA Failover, analytics show the new active device status even for historical data that belongs to old device.
8267   -  If time drift between vThunder and Harmony Controller is high, Device Manager may not display registered vThunder devices.
9212   -  Due to the issues in Microsoft Edge, Single Sign On (SSO) for editing
application configuration fails. Using Google Chrome is advised for smooth experience.
8976   -  Adding Thunder HA Clusters to Harmony Controller via Thunder
Device Manager may result in error. Using device CLI is advised.
9125  -   Adding Thunder VCS Clusters to Harmony Controller via Thunder
Device Manager may result in error. Using device CLI is advised.
9280  -   Under heavy log-rate, Harmony Portal may render slowly. Lowering down value of log-rate in Harmony Profile of Thunder device will help.
9634  -   Thunder devices when upgraded through TDM does not show the updated version. Please rescan for updated version information.
8030  -  While registering Thunder device to controller, if management IP address is missing, management portal may not open properly.
10479  -  Harmony Controller services becomes unavailable for some timeduring upgrade. Collections of analytics items also stops at this time.
10830  -  In some cases, Thunder HA cluster registers in Controller as two singledevices and separate tenants, logical clusters etc. are created for the two Thunders instead of proper grouping.
11130 -   In case Thunder’s data port is used for communicating with HarmonyController, configuration push from Controller to Thunder may not work. User of Thunder Management port is advised.
10799  -   Graphs related to caching function of Thunder ADC are not availablefor Thunder ADC 4.1.4 P1
11172  -   In 3-node controller deployment, when the node running ThunderDevice Manager (TDM) service goes down and TDM moves to other node, theTDM configuration (if changed) restores to default.
11199 -  In 3-node controller deployment, when a node reboots, in some remote case, all instances of micro-services (especially config datastore) doesn’t start automatically. Because of redundancy, the controller service remains available.However, it is recommended to use Operator Console API/UI to monitor status of micro-services and contact support in case of any issue.